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When your people feel good, everybody wins!

Progressive employers understand that quality employee wellness programs are a factor in attracting and retaining talented people. Productivity, performance and loyalty improve and sick days are less common. Solid nutrition guidance is essential to a complete program, and employees consistently prefer high-touch, on-site providers over online platforms. Barbie provides approachable, fun, evidence-based insight that helps your people develop a healthy relationship with food and inspires positive action.

Her programs are well known for:

  • engaging employees in high quality conversations about their wellness

  • motivating positive change, both in individuals and the culture as a whole

  • inspiring communication and camaraderie among groups

  • clarifying nutrition confusion & separating fiction from fact

  • encouraging a holistic approach to employee benefits focused on cutting edge knowledge

  • introducing the sustainable concepts of intuitive and mindful eating and changing minds about fad dieting

As both a Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach, Barbie focuses not only on nutrition, but what she calls The Four Pillars of Wellness, which also includes quality sleep, daily movement and self care/stress management skills. Her programs are enjoyed by forward-thinking companies across a number of industries including insurance, finance, legal, architecture, engineering, IT/software, television programming and more. Her group presentations are an anticipated quarterly highlight in many wellness initiatives across the Midwest.

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These tenets make her a respected, relatable and trusted source for practical, accurate and effective nutrition and wellness guidance.


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Barbie’s 60-minute dynamic and interactive lunch & learns get participants engaged and cover a range of topics. Everyone gains insight they can implement right away, and a packet of relevant materials that allows the learning to continue at home. Workshops add the bonus of experiential exercises relevant to the topic.

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Barbie brings the same attention and personalization to one-on-one employee coaching as she does to sessions with her private clients. Many companies add a morning, afternoon or full day of 30-minute one-on-one nutrition and wellness sessions to a midday lunch & learn, workshop or cooking convo.

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An entertaining conversation about cooking and how getting in your kitchen ups your nutrition game. These seasonally themed 60-minute sessions include technique and ingredient demonstrations, recipes, a meal prep guide and tasty, nourishing sample-size goodies for the attendees.



“As a company, we feel it is our responsibility to provide our employees with the most rewarding and positive experience and culture we possibly can. Partnering with Barbie affords our employees a wonderful opportunity to make improvements, not only in their lives, but also in those of their families. Barbie is a truly gifted dietitian and health coach and we are extremely happy with the expertise she provides.” - The Horton Group

“Barbie created an interactive, informative, conversational and fun nutrition presentation for our employees. It was our company’s first nutrition workshop and it left us all wanting more. We’re looking forward to having Barbie come back soon and hope the relationship continues well into the future.” - Smokeball

“I have had the honor to work with Barbie on multiple retreats and classes. She is consistently engaging, honest and approachable. Everyone loves learning from her and appreciates her practical perspective.” - CHILL Chicago

“I am very impressed with Barbie’s work. She is extremely professional, knows her material inside and out and her presentation was excellent. Her personality is delightful and can engage personalities of all types.” - FYZICAL Naperville

“Barbie is a pleasure and had very informative info and definitely kept the team engaged!” - LRW MotiveQuest

“Barbie has been integrated into our Intensive Outpatient Program, as she joins the group monthly to provide nutrition education and helps patients gain additional tools for living a healthier lifestyle. Her expertise, along with her compassion for individuals in recovery from addiction, is a wonderful asset to our patients”. - Symetria Recovery

“Barbie’s lunch and learn showed us how easy it is to prepare a flavorful healthy meal and answered many of our nutrition questions as well. We cannot wait to have her back again!” - Ingredion Incorporated

“Skeptical at first. I thought I knew what to eat and what to avoid. But let’s be honest, “healthy” eating to me wasn’t satisfying.  I need flavor.  What fascinated me about Barbie was her vast knowledge of how foods affect our bodies and how to add flavor without adding fats and sugars.  We engaged Barbie’s services starting with nutritional workshops and incorporating the info discussed into cooking demos.  Barbie even fielded “health” and diet questions and provided flavor boosting ideas like flavored vinegars and homemade olive oil herbed butter.  So good!  Overall, we found Barbie’s passion for wellness and nutrition to be motivational.” - Frankfort Fire Protection Wellness Team

The evidence is overwhelming. You eat more plants, you eat less other stuff, you live longer.

Mark Bittman