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Schedule your free 15 minute discovery call. We’ll begin talking about your goals, the approaches we’ll take to achieve them and what you can expect. I’ll tell you about my coaching options and we’ll determine your best fit.

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Our first session is about getting to know you: your medical and diet-related history, current concerns and determining long term goals. We’ll get started with a comprehensive plan that addresses nourishment, daily movement, quality sleep and self care skills and begin the work of eating mindfully and intuitively.

Session location options:
Your home or workplace (Chicago area)
My office in Clarendon Hills, Illinois
Virtual appointments via

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Your needs will determine the duration and frequency of our sessions. It is important to remember that you didn’t arrive here overnight; change that lasts takes a bit of time. My goal for you is an approach to nutrition & wellness that you love, that works now and for good.

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Clients receive a discount on thorne products


“Just wanted to touch base & share some great news, I have made it into the 160s! 168as of this morning. Feeling great, really happy and thanking the Lord everyday that I found my “diet shrink”. You truly have a gift and I’m so glad you share it!” - Roseann M., Oak Lawn, IL

“I admit when I started the process of intuitive eating, it was so "counterintuitive" as a person who has spent her life dieting. I really thought "on a diet" was the responsible way to live. How could it possibly be that I could achieve my health goals without living by a strict set of food rules? Somewhere around our 3rd session the epiphanies started poppin' and they haven't stopped. What a journey.” - Lindsay M, Chicago, IL

“It was shocking to realize I had been brainwashed into thinking that being on the latest diet was the highest form of self care. At first it made me cry to think about the years I've wasted punishing myself with carrot sticks and shame. Now it makes me smile that I can honest to goodness eat what I love and be healthier than I've ever been - body and soul.” - Julie Z., Naperville, IL

“I’ve worked with Barbie for just about a year now. Her entire process, from learning your eating habits to suggesting alternatives and enhancements is second to none. Her overall philosophy and attention to detail with clients is what makes her a leader in the industry. I give her the highest recommendation for anyone considering a nutritionist to help their overall well-being!” - Mike K., Chicago, IL

"Barbie was very effective at redirecting how I view food and improving my eating habits. Her approach is not a diet.  She listens to your goals and sets up a plan to help you achieve them.  She is so easy to work with and extremely supportive." - Fran K, Western Springs, IL

"Just when you think you've read every book on diets and watched every food documentary, Barbie surprises you with her knowledge and insights.  Working with her is like chatting with a friend who knows your secrets, but never judges.  You can be honest with her.  She's intuitive, shedding light on parts of your relationship with food that need to be revealed in order to heal.  See her to lose stubborn weight, as I did, but be prepared for the added bonus of some self-discovery." - Sarah A. Chicago, IL

"I was in a terrible place with food and carving out time for self-care.  I saw Barbie to help me lose weight and get control of my blood sugar (I was prediabetic).  I did lose the weight I wanted to and I did say goodbye to prediabetes, but I also got so much more!  I radically changed my relationship with food and myself.  Barbie is very supportive, and genius at peeling back the layers and then putting it all back together in a healthy way. She empowers you to take control for good."  - Rebecca L., Los Angeles, CA

“My husband and I met with Barbie for some nutritional counseling and we found her services very helpful!  She was extremely kind, direct and informative.  She actively listened to our needs and concerns and addressed each one in a very creative and reasonable manner.  She displayed a great command of nutritional science and created a wonderful nutritional plan for us to follow.  We feel very fortunate to have gained her expertise as we try to be much more MINDFUL of our eating habits.” - The Bradshaws, Clarendon Hills, IL

“I am grateful for Barbie’s continued coaching, I learned the difference between torturing myself with ‘dieting’ and honoring myself with actual wellness. I get myself now.” - Angela W. Indianapolis, IN

“What? I can eat what I like and feel good and good about myself? It didn’t happen overnight. But it totally happened. Thank you Barbie.” - Jules T. South Bend, IN

“Barbie saw right away that I didn’t need a complete overhaul, but just a few “tweaks” as she calls them to reach my goals quickly. I stayed stuck thinking everything needed to change. Bless you for your practical, effective approach. This, I can stick with.” - Peter P., Chicago, Illinois

“I’m making time for exercise for the first time in years, not scared of food and feeling great. Thank you, Barbie for making this so easy.” - Audrey L., Chicago, Illinois

“I’ve struggled with a bloated, painful stomach for as long as I can remember. After 6 weeks with Barbie and a guided elimination diet, I’ve identified my “issue foods” and can live normally. Her support, attention and approachable advice was a Godsend.” - Alissa M., Naperville, Illinois

“Barbie’s a little scary in her knowledge (a good thing), but very reassuring in the way she offers her guidance. I have learned to trust myself around food and feel good about my body, the weight loss I came to her for ended up an added bonus. And by the way, she’s hilarious which makes everything easier.” - Mike T., Glen Ellyn, Illinois

“I came to Barbie because I struggle with a wide range of food allergies and knew I needed more variety. She helped me so much. Then I got my protein bar loving husband on board. We now speak the same language and can have awesome meals together. Thank you for bringing peace to this home. ;)” - Ella B., Elmhurst, Illinois

“Thank you for taking the confusion out of what to eat and helping me understand the value of strong over skinny. I am honestly happier than I’ve ever been with my food choices and my body.” - Grace T., Orland Park, Illinois

The doctor of the future will cure and prevent disease with nutrition

Thomas Edison