what is intuitive & mindful eating?

Learning to eat intuitively and mindfully can radically change your relationship with food, for the better and for good.

It’s about ditching the word “diet” or any negative term we often associate with food: “bad”, “sinful”, “cheat”, “discipline”, “deprivation.” Let’s think differently about food. Embrace your plate as one of life’s great pleasures and honor the nourishment that sustains your body and mind.

I began coaching and advocating intuitive and mindful eating when it became clear through my practice, my clients’ experiences and extensive research that restrictive diets, counting calories and tracking macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat) absolutely does not work long term. Sure, we can “crash diet” and see quick results, but 90% of people who take this approach end up right back where they were within 6 months. And 66% end up in worse shape.

That’s not what you want and that’s not what I want for you. You want to feel empowered, nourished and vibrant. The practice of intuitive and mindful eating, along with awareness to make informed decisions, is a natural and gentle approach to nutrition and wellness that honestly works. For good.

You probably exercise your body, or at least understand that physical movement leads to physical strength and better health. Mindfulness and using your intuition is simply exercise for the mind. Let’s get all of you strong!

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  • Reject The Diet Mentality

  • Honor Your Hunger

  • Make Peace With Food

  • Challenge The Food Police

  • Feel Your Fullness

  • Discover The Satisfaction Factor

  • Cope With Feelings Without Using Food

  • Respect Your Body

  • Move Everyday, Joyfully

  • The Practice Of Gentle Nutrition

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  • Tune in. Are You Actually Hungry Or Is Your Mind/Body Craving Something Else?

  • Take A Seat

  • Screens Are Not Invited.

  • Plate Your Food.

  • Take A Breath And Give Gratitude.

  • Chew & Taste.

  • Explore and Give Thought To the Flavors, Textures, Colors.

  • Every Once In A While, Make Your Meal Your Entertainment.

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Current research supports a link between Intuitive Eating and:

  • Lower body mass indexes

  • Higher HDL cholesterol levels

  • Lower triglyceride levels

  • Improved self-esteem, well being & body positivity

  • Positive coping skills

  • Reduced emotional & disordered eating

How can this be? When you give yourself permission to eat what you enjoy, to the point of comfortable physical satisfaction, without overdoing it, without feeling guilty - food becomes pleasurable fuel rather than an exhausting enemy. That’s healthy, natural and what food was designed to be.

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